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Fostering true community with a culture of Sisterhood

Welcome to WCONNECT, a non-profit organization focused on creating a safe space for women and girls 16 and older to go after their dreams and goals ultimately for A GREATER QUALITY OF LIFE.


Our Mission is to provide you with support and resources needed to obtain and maintain ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE and INCREASED MENTAL HEALTH; both we believe to be vital tools to building a healthy thriving life!

Our Vision We envision thriving communities throughout the U.S which both garner from and contribute to the mentally and economically strong, and equipped women it is comprised of.

Defining 'Quality of Life'...

Our definition emphasizes One's quality of life as, her satisfaction with her position in relation to her goals, expectations, standards and concerns; her ability to embrace the parts of life most important to her with little to no restriction; her own perception of her overall wellbeing, including work life, relationships, home and health. 

The Problem we hope to solve...

We recognize that the women of today are more than ever responsible for their own QULAITY OF LIFE. She is the head of household, sole provider, or young lady in charge of her own future.  We also recognize that the vision she has for herself, and her family is never easy to achieve when she lacks proper support, guidance and or resources.


Too many women feel the only way to make it is by doing it all on her own. She won’t ask for help or doesn’t know where to go for help. Living daily in this way results in living a life with unnecessary stress and anxiety, declining mental health, and physical health.  In some cases, she ends up feeling hopeless, defeated and trapped...than gives up. She stops dreaming and decides to simply survive. This doesn’t just impact her well-being; it impacts the well-being of her family and the community around her.  

According to the Department of Social Services, County of Los Angeles, California Welfare to Work Program: As of February 2023, number of enrollees was higher than all other counties at 49,194 individuals. Of those, 881 claim to be self-employed, and 891 are employed however still in need of public assistance.


This is why here at WCONNECT, we seek to bring back the power and beauty of community and sisterhood.


Our goal is to support you, period!

Wherever you are in life, starting over ready for your second chance, a boss babe ready for her next level or just starting to live this journey called life but have no real guidance, we want to support you achieve your dream and goals…. we want to help you obtain that quality of desire and deserve!


What are we working towards...

We are new and still building towards our full vision!



Realizing our full vision looks like a community that consists of all the following for its members (You)!

  • Exclusive member perks with women owned businesses. 

  • Intimate interactive workshops hosted by women professionals. These workshops will have a focus on self-development, financial literacy, and career/purpose. 

  • Financial grants intended to support your work towards economic independence.

  • Mentors, here to guide and support you as you move closer to that quality of life you are aiming for!

  • Social outings…well because we must have fun!!!!​



Become a member!

Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Join our SISTERS mentor team and Make an impact!

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Community Partnerships. Find out more!

Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor

SISTERS- our Mentor program offers you guidance and support on your next journey. Visit the page for more information.



Your donations impact her quality of life!

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