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Welcome to WCONNECT!

Hello there! Thanks for visiting, unfortunately we are on a break at the moment. Providing quality service to the women we serve as a non-profit dedicated to helping women thrive economically, is a priority of ours. As such we have decided to take a bit more time to build our foundations and walls before opening officially.

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Our Story, My Why

Hello, my name is Rosie. I am the founder of WCONNECT. I began formation of this organization in 2021 with the hopes of providing a place where women could support one another through life challenges by working as a sisterhood and community of resource, to fulfilling personal and professional goals that aim specifically towards a better quality of life. 


Growing up without a mother and losing my grandmothers during my 20s, left me to heavily lean on mentor figures and friends that crossed my path along the way. This support and resource assisted me through homelessness, depression, single motherhood and a divorce. 


It is my prayer that WCONNECT will do the same and more for others! The vision is to see our communities filled with women who are living with good mental health, all basic needs met and economic independence. 

When the time is right, we will know! All things in God's perfect timing. Continue to check in for updates. 


                          Take Care and Happy Holidays,


Our SISTERS MENTOR PROGRAM remains active.

Need an ear, guidance, encouragement, counsel, prayer or connection...let's talk!

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