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Founder's Message

My hope is that no women feel alone, lost, or like she did not have the support she needed to live the life she truly desires.

Hello! My name is Rosie Carter. I am the founder of WCONNECT. In 2021, I established this organization with the goal of providing a place where women could gain resources and most importantly a support system.

There used to be a time when community meant 'I have your back, and you have mine'. Not everyone related, nevertheless, all were seen and loved like 'family'. Everyone chipped in and resources were brought together for the greater good of everyone

Life sure did throw me a few curveballs! But along the way, the help I did receive, mostly from strangers or "church family", my 'community', kept me from striking out a whole lot more often.

Let's bring back community! In this family of sisters, we practice unconditional love and support for one another.  

Meet Rosie


Here is my story and my WHY...

At the age of 4 Rosie remembers watching her grandmother crying sitting to the right of her. (This is who would be the one to raise her and her 3 siblings.) As Rosie sat there not understanding what was happening, this long dark box in front of her, her mom's boyfriend now kneeling on her left hands her a rosary necklace. The last thing she remembers is the preacher man saying, "Rene", her mother's name.


That afternoon as she and other kids ran around playing and a bunch of adults stood talking, she heard a voice say, "she doesn't understand what happened." "It turned out that that dark box was a casket, and that the preacher said my mom's name because she was the one in it".

Raised by a somewhat strict and unforgiving maternal grandmother in an upper lower-class household Rosie rarely saw her father. At the age of 15 she had her fifth and last real conversation with him before his passing from cancer. Loss continued as she began her adult life when all of her grandparents passed within years of one another between ages 21 and 25.

"This was a pivotal time, I was in a new state, Ohio, away for college, naive, and with little life experience".

Rosie found herself without the necessary wisdom, support and guidance needed to navigate life MOST EFFECTIVELY.

"I made a lot of unnecessary mistakes along the way". - Rosie

These mistakes led to homelessness, attempted suicide, depression, divorce, losing everything, poverty and Single motherhood. 

"In 2002 I remember just getting accepted to a private University to begin my Undergrad in Business, 1 month in, I found out I was pregnant. I was a virgin until that one night with my then fiancé, but that one night's decision changed everything! I was in a new state, OHIO, and without my family. I had to drop out. Education was no longer most important, making money was." Poverty is what followed, however. There is more to the story, but the loss of her then data entry position at Progressive led to 11 months of learning how to survive while trying to find a place to call home. "It wasn't just me, but I had my 1-year-old too."

I want us to become a family, building lifelong deep bonds and connections, that will help carry one another to live her purpose, and her potential. However, I can help, I will"! - Rosie 

Rosie Carter the founder surrounded by women in black.
"So many times, I wish I had someone, anyone, to come along and make it all better"- Rosie​

Church family, particularly women from her church became her "Pillars"; as she likes to call them.  "I was grateful for it all"! There were many nights, of little money for food and gas, but Rosie would pray her way to church where she served, trusting that all she could do was fulfil her obligations and God would be sure to take care of her in one way or another. "Serving is what helped me feel I still had purpose. Many times, people not aware of my situation would say they felt led to bless me with money not knowing I was on empty, and this was food and gas money for job hunting the next day. Or someone would offer me a place to sleep for the night."  Although she found herself sleeping on couches, the floor and in a basement, these acts of support meant never having to be on the streets. God always showed up through these people when I least expected." Rosie remembers one woman in particular, that gave up her master bedroom and slept with her daughter on a twin bed or even the couch. She sacrificially and graciously allowed Rosie and her little one to stay there until Rosie finally obtained a new job and apartment!"  ​It was the generosity, unconditional love and sacrifice of others that gave Rosie strength to keep going. Although alone, she felt loved and supported! As the years progressed and Rosie continued to try to make a life for her daughter and herself, a move back home to California in 2007 seemed to be the best decision. This would bring her back to where her siblings lived. Family! Now a Supervisor for an Afterschool program, and Praise Dance leader/ Youth Leader at her church, she felt stronger than ever. "I really believed the worst was behind me."  She even met her husband shortly after her return. But her marriage of 7 years that was supposed to be a new chapter of bliss and 'Happily Ever After', instead entailed attempted suicide, deep depression and an end in Divorce.  ​For seven years, Rosie questioned her choices over and over again. "I really lost myself. I had let go or rather buried all the dreams and visions I had had for myself. I really believed that my chance had passed and that maybe they would happen through my children."   ​Who knew that in 2017 year 7, so many life changing things would happen. "I had just resigned from my Operations Manager Position at Discovery Cube LA to be a more present mom and wife, closed on our first home, began homeschooling our 3 children and learned my husband was having an affair. By 2018 Rosie was struggling to upkeep the expenses of the home and felt like she was losing the ability to protect and provide for her children. "There were times when my showers were via bottled water being poured over my body because the water had been shut off, or candles and phone flash lights were being used because the electricity was turned off. Luckily the children were away during these times. But it was my only surviving Aunt that ended up helping me bring these bills current. Although Rosie felt like giving up again, now in her late 30's finding herself in a similar situation as she did in her 20's; homeless but this time with 3 more children, the youngest 3 at the time, she knew she'd sink if she did not choose to swim. She Choose to "SWIM"!  She decided that her dreams and passions did not have to die. With the mindset and motto- Live, Love, Laugh...she began to make the necessary changes that would bring her to live the life she is THRIVING in now!

​"I knew it had to begin with a mindset change"! After I made the first steps, God began to bring the right people into my life and take the wrong ones out"

"Honestly, my faith in God as a Christian was present as a child and my relationship with HIM is what kept me as an adult." With God EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, and a couple of key female friends that remained a constant support and pillar, life after divorce began to change." She was no longer just existing, she was living. Within 2 years after her divorce, she started a tutoring company, Create IT, Creative Learning k5 because of her passion for quality education, a year later she opened an online store Boutique Classique LLC; a women's pre-loved Slow Fashion boutique because she wanted to provide an easy go to website for women who desired top quality classic pieces but not at a financial place to pay for brand new items, taught herself about investments and began to use her money to make money... including buying stocks for each of her four children and investing in her first small business...her daughters Street clothing store; @SKATESHOPSHIFTS. "No, not every business venture was a success, haha, but it was clear that I was dreaming again and believed in myself again!" ​Although I am still working on resetting our foundation after divorce, my biggest dream is to be able to help other women in those ways others helped me along my journey. My personal life is about offering 'Unconditional love' to all and now empowering you all in every way possible through your journey! ​"It is NEVER too late"! - Rosie President/ Founder of WCONNECT, Investor, Aspiring Author, Life Long Student and Mommy

"But remember, people can make all the investments in the world to help you, but if you are not also apart of making those investments, not much can come out of any of it. It starts with you!"-Rosie

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