Founder's Message

We are a member-based organization where Women Connect with Women in pursuit of Empowerment and the Support of one another!

Hello! My name is Rosie Carter. I am the founder of WCONNECT. In 2021, I established this organization with the goal of providing a place where women could gain resources and most importantly a support system, needed navigate life.

We go much deeper than mentor/mentee relationships!

Each member becomes a lifelong sister enriched by the strength of bonds found only in SISTERHOODS... 

Whether you're that Boss Babe already making moves but would like to connect with likeminded women and gain resources and connections to help propel you to your next level...or that Woman still figuring things out, this is for you. We all need support! We are women who are free thinkers and in pursuit of living a meaningful life. Once a member, always a member!

Meet Rosie


"I want us to become a family, building lifelong deep bonds and connections, that will help carry one another to live her purpose, and her potential. However I can help, I will"!- Rosie 

Having experienced the loss of her mother at 4 and her grandmothers in her early 20s, Rosie found herself without the necessary wisdom, support and guidance needed to navigate life MOST EFFECTIVELY.

"I made a lot of unnecessary mistakes along the way".- Rosie

These mistakes led to homelessness, and divorce. Single-motherhood requiring me to drop out of college. Poverty, and depression making it difficult to be the mom and woman she knew she was created to be. "I just didn't know how, or what steps to take, or what resources to ask for...

"Now at 40, I am living my best life! Celebrating all that is within me by helping you celebrate all that is within YOU!"- Rosie

Rosie Carter the founder surrounded by women in black.
"So many times I wish I had someone, anyone, to come along and help me".
- Rosie​

At the age of 38, she found herself divorced, broke and alone with four children. Her options where to "sink", or "SWIM".

She Choose to "SWIM"!  She decided that her dreams and passions did not have to die. With the mindset and motto- Live, Love, Laugh...she began to make the necessary changes that would bring her to live the life she is THRIVING in now!

​"I knew it had to begin with a mindset change"! After I made the first steps, God began to bring the right people into my life and take the wrong ones out"

With God EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, and a couple of key friends that remained a constant support and pillar, life began to change. She was no longer just existing, she was living. Within 2 years after her divorce she opened an online store Boutique Classique LLC; a women's pre-loved Slow Fashion boutique, taught herself about investments and began to use her money to make money... including buying stocks for each of her four children and investing in her first small business...her daughters Street clothing store; SKATE SHOP SHIFT, and went back to school.

"It is NEVER too late! - Rosie CEO, Founder of WCONNECT, Investor, Aspiring Author, Life Long Student and Mommy

"In everything I do, I am giving back...if my service or product is not helping someone, I cannot support it".
- Rosie
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