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Board of Directors

Men are encouraged to apply as much as women are, both of varying ages and professional backgrounds. We have openings for both our 'Managing Board' and our 'Advisory Board'. More specifically, we are looking for those with an expertise in any of the following: IT, Marketing, Corporate Secretary, Grant Writing/ Fundraising and non-profit management.

Ready to bring your gifts to the team and be apart of our Mission.. Join our Board!

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Rosie Carter is a mother of 4 children, a Christ Follower, an entrepreneur, and investor. She is also an advocate of lifelong learning and living a Purpose Driven life. With a background in mentoring, education, and management and the experience of being someone who thrived only when support from true advocates entered her life... Rosie hopes to govern and support WCONNECT members with a wholistic perspective.


CFO/ Treasurer

Carrie C. J. Leeflang, joined the WCONNECT Foundation in August 2022. She works closely with the Board of Directors and oversees all aspects of the foundation’s finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and reporting to WCONNECT board and the public.  


Leeflang brings to the foundation nearly 3 decades of financial management experience in the Private, and public Sectors, with a focus on Financial planning, and Conflict Resolution. Before joining WCONNECT, Leeflang worked at Dean Witter Reynolds as a stockbroker, then broadened her knowledge and expertise at the brokerage division of American savings bank. Leeflang was welcomed into UBOC Investment Services, Inc to help establish a foothold in Southern California of their Private Bank in Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Leeflang has worked as a coordinator for United Way and advocated with TACA, in the special-needs world, for those who do not have a voice, to be able to speak up! Leeflang currently maintains a private Consulting Practice in orange county California.

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Director of Marketing

Yin Yin Liow is an international marketer who has lived and supported purpose driven organizations in US, Singapore and Malaysia. She believes in lifelong learning, growing one’s values to the community. Bringing over 14 years of marketing experiences from startup to fortune 500 companies, Yin Yin collaborates with the board of directors to drive development and growth in branding and digital marketing, with the mission of empowering the WConnect members.

Yin Yin is also a Christ follower and actress. Her creative participation has earned awards in women focused film festivals.

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