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Who are we looking for...

Have you had to start over, or maybe build and create something out of nothing. Or perhaps you've had to overcome the "impossible".

Our Sisterhood of mentors demonstrate a life and character of unwavering strength, poise, integrity and wisdom because they have overcome and made a choice to keep going and never give up or give in!


You have a heart to help other's and a passion to serve!

 Each mentor offers guidance in a specific area. This area is based on her personal experience, education and professional expertise.

If this sounds like you than don't hesitate to

reach out to us!

What's next...

Once you submit an interest form, we will contact you for the next step which is an interview. Here we hope to get to know you, your background, your passions and your WHY! We will share more about the program, how it works and what the specific responsibilities of a mentor are.

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