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No matter where you are in life, we can all use at least one person that believes in us and can be a support and pillar during this journey called life. That is where WCONNECT comes in. We are all apart of this sisterhood. Here to support one another, always elevating each other to the next level. 

You have so much to offer your peers and this world! You will add and take away so much; from the many backgrounds, resources, professions, cultures and experiences you will have access to as a part of this sisterhood... you cannot help but to reach the level (s) you seek each step of the way and become a HIGH QUALITY, WOMEN THRIVING IN HER OWN SKIN!

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Become a Member

Member Requirements


Membership to this Community is available by interview and acceptance ONLY. We welcome all women 16 years of age and older to apply! It is important to us that our members come in with a mindset and attitude that can gleam and embrace the culture and purpose of this organization...this is the only way she will be successful! And that is our greatest desire for you!


We want our members to thrive! And we want everyone accepted to be able to have full access! Our effort is to keep costs down. We have 2 levels. 

Velvet society- our free level! This level makes you a member, however you will simply have to pay out of pocket in order to participate in any of the events or activities we host. Furthermore, this level does not include access to our mentors and network partner services.

Silk society- $550 annual fee grants you full access to all events, activities and workshops. Plus, you have full access to our mentors and discount rates made just for you with our network partners!


Complete and submit our "Interest Form" to get the process started! 

* Form located at the bottom of this page or just click the "Interest Form" button.* 

Once we evaluate the details of your interest form we will be in touch with the next step (s).

Note: the application process will include completion of our Interest form, a letter sharing what you hope to gain and give from being a part of this community and an interview. We find that this process is helpful in us understanding the best course and resources for you and your personal goals!

UNDER 18: (a letter of approval from a parent will be required when applying)

Interest form to become a member
Member Interest form

Become a part of the Sisterhood

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Thanks for submitting!

* It is important to understand that there will be both times for great laughter and fun, and times where you will need to stay focused on the work necessary for growth and change. Those accepted into the organization will be expected to give it their all, participate, and take advantage of all resources and opportunities that will help you reach your goals!

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