Partner with Us

If you hold a business, expertise or profession in any given field we want to connect with you. 

As an additional resource to helping our women reach their goals, we include women of differing professions as a resource for our women. You have the option to be an in-house or out-of-house partner!

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Contact us to find out more and


Simply click below and share your business, or profession, Name and contact information... and we will be in-touch!


As In-house partners, you will be invited to teach in topics of your expertise at our workshops and annual conferences.

Additionally, many of our partners make INCREDIBLE MENTORS.

Dig deeper into your own passions for helping and building up others by also applying to be a mentor! 


As Out-of-house partners, you are added to our directory of 'go to's' for our women as a resource should your service or expertise be relevant to their goals. Furthermore, we like to take 'field trips' to visit some of you at your job sites as a way to share what exactly is done as a part of your profession. This is away to introduce the vast world of career choices to our women, especially for those still searching for possible career paths.