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Choose your pricing plan

  • Tier 1 Membership

    Perfect for that Women just in it for the Sisterhood!
    Free Plan
    • Invitations to all events and outings ONLY
    • *Does not include access to workshops, mentors, or resources
  • Tier 2 Membership

    Every year
    Perfect for that Leading Lady needing Limited Access
    • Select Access to Organizational Resources
    • Access to up to 4 Workshops Annually
    • Invitations to all outings and events
    • Access to up to 3 Mentors of your choice
  • Tier 3 Membership

    Every year
    For the Motivated Women needing FULL ACCESS
    • Full access to all Materials and Workshops
    • Full access to all Materials and Conferences
    • Full access to all Mentors
    • Invitations to all events, outings, etc
    • Select access to Organizational Resources
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