About Your Program

We are a private non-profit organization made up of women from all backgrounds who have a common goal and that is to live a Purpose driven life as high quality women! Through our team of board members, mentors and mentees, together we accomplish this goal via the formation of a lifelong sisterhood, offering one another support, resources, mentorship and education.

Membership grants you access to our events/outings, annual trip, workshops and conferences, mentors and more...


Events and Monthly Outings

Our events and monthly outings provide opportunities to meet, bond and laugh with your peers and mentors. These are opportunities to let our hair down, have fun and nurture the bonds of the SISTERHOOD! 

Events include, community outreach, annual trips and an Annual Ball! Outings include, getting together locally for small parties, beach trips, movies, hiking, spa days, boating, lunch, dance lessons, etc.

Mentors/ Resources

Access to our growing team of mentors is unlimited. Each holds experience, education and expertise in different fields bringing you a wealth of information and resources to meet your personal goal (s)!

Workshops and Annual Conferences

Our workshops and annual conferences provide the education in all things Self Development, Financial Wealth and Health and Career development/Purpose. This equipping can only keep you thriving in your world, ultimately establishing yourself as a HIGH QUALITY women, walking and living at her GREATEST POTENTIAL.

Get involved and Grow with us!

Although we are all ever growing, it is our hope that you will come to a time when you feel ready to transition from mentee to mentor! Living as a women of character, focus and intention, your life will become a greater example to many and inspiration to generations to follow!

When you feel ready and so called...simply apply!