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No matter where you are in life, we can all use at least one person that believes in us and can be a support and pillar during this journey called life.

You have so much to offer your peers and this world! You will add and take away so much; from the many backgrounds, resources, professions, cultures and experiences you will have access to as a part of this sisterhood... you cannot help but to reach the level (s) you seek each step of the way and become a HIGH-QUALITY WOMEN, THRIVING IN HER OWN SKIN!



The DREAM Project is a community development program initiative which provides financial grants and other resources for the sole purpose of helping make your dreams come true! Annually we select a number of recipients from submissions whose dreams we believe will not only directly improve her quality of life, but indirectly that of others within her community. This runs from November 1 through December 15. 

The DREAM must meet two criteria in order to qualify. It must promote a better quality of life for the applicant by either providing an avenue for greater income, advancing her education, advancing her professionally and or positively aiding in the quality of her health.


Additionally, it must indirectly have the potential to provide advancement to the community by providing jobs, decreasing unemployment, contributing a greater opportunity to bring resources and or income to the community etc.

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Access to our growing team of mentors is unlimited and available to members.

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Each mentor offers guidance in a specified area based on her personal experience, education and professional expertise. SISTERS is mentee led, meaning you choose who you would like to mentor you and work closely with your mentor to schedule sessions. It is our goal to connect you with a mentor that has been where you are trying to go. These sessions run for 6 weeks and can always be extended. All are conducted virtually.

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