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Interest Form

A Sisterhood


Access to all benefits within this Community is available to all women 16 years of age and older who have become members. Membership is free, however each member must meet the following requirements:

  • Remain active and productive in Mentor guided tasks

  • Volunteer with any community organization for a minimum of 12 hours a month 

  • or

  • Become an active volunteer with WCONNECT

  • Demonstrate a character of integrity and good will at all events at all times

  • Be actively working towards a goal (s) approved by your mentor (goal must result in ENHANCING OVERALL QUALITY OF LIFE, adding to ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE or contributing towards the INCREASE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


What's Next...

Everyone will go through an interview. Interviews aid in customizing your experience and the development of an overall plan for your desired goals. It is important to us that our members come in with a mindset and attitude that can glean from and embrace the culture and purpose of this organization...this is the only way she will be successful! And that is our greatest desire for you!

Complete and submit our "Interest Form" to get the process started! 

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